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Address: Planet Zen is located in these Prague hotels
Maximilian Hotel: Haštalská 752/14, Praha 1, +420 225 303 111
Hotel Icon: V jámě 1263/6, Praha 1, +420 221 634 100
Opening hours: Mo-Su 10:00-22:00
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If you wish to clarify your body, mind and soul, head straight over to Planet Zen! Planet Zen not only offers the best of the best Balinese and Thai massages in Prague but they also advertize that they are the guardians of your balance! Planet Zen offers a large variety of massages and treatments including traditional Thai massage, foot massage, Bali Coconut massage, the Paradiso treatment (in a steam box sauna), pregnancy massage, the Bali Blossom treatment (Balinese oil massage followed by a relaxing coconut milk bath with fresh flower petals), the Candle Mystery treatment (massage with scented warm wax), kids massage, jasmine facials, the Third Eye treatment (ayurvedic oil massage for your head, neck and shoulders) and more.